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March 20, 2010


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robin cornett

What a PRETTY baby! Loving the second one--she is so smooshable. These are lovely!

Patty O

Oh my goodness, a little smile... that's pretty amazing... I love the folded up arms & legs shot too - little bundle. Great pics, Meredith!!


These are adorable! And you got a SMILE on the last cool! I can never get my newborns to stay asleep while I try to place them :( ANy tips Meredith? What's the best time...1-4 weeks?

Meredith Williams

Thanks ladies! Michelle, Baby K was definitely on the easy end of the baby sleeping spectrum! She slept nearly the entire time and settled very quickly. But, there are some tips I use. First, the best time for newborn shots is the first 2 weeks or so. Usually, newborns go through a bit of a growth spurt in the 3rd week and it may make them a bit more fussy. Also, keep the room nice and warm, especially if they are nude. And finally, you have to be fast! Sometimes, the baby will only be still for a minute, you have to make use of that stillness and be ready to shoot! Maybe I'll do a FAQ post about this, it's a great question :)


Thanks Meredith for the tips! I try to encourage mothers to do it in the first two weeks, but most are so overwhelmed so they wait until the 3rd or 4th week. Completely understandable but it makes it a wee bit harder for us to get great shots like you did above! And yes, a FAQ would be awesome! Thanks for your response!


Hey Meredith, beautiful images (as always)!! Special thanks for the tips : ) very helpful

Kelly Vasami

OMG, this seriously makes me want to reproduce again. Well, almost.

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