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Timing is everything in photography, and often is the case with life itself.

I began my love affair with photography when I was in high school and upon graduating, entered School of Visual Arts in New york City. My wide-eyed enthusiasm was met with fierce competition and horribly boring art history classes. At 18, I simply wasn't ready for either. I've never been a "school" type, but rather a hands-on sort of learner. I decided art school just wasn't where I was supposed to be at that point in my life. While my family was helping me pack up my things, someone smashed the car window and stole my camera... I suppose it was the Universe sending me a message. Got it! Loud and clear!

I picked up and moved to Tempe, Arizona on a whim, with the intention of moving back to New York in 6 months. Instead, I found a job at Whole Foods Market working in the Whole Body department. Several years later, Whole Foods moved me back to New York to open their flagship Whole Body store in NYC.

My creative spark was once again ignited by the color and living energy that is New York. I began carrying a camera with me everywhere I went, snapping pictures of the people that crossed my path. My career at Whole Foods Market took me to a regional position with a large territory spreading the tri-state area. As my career grew, so did my desire to be creating everyday. As this desire grew larger and louder, I think the Universe took notice and dropped a wonderful book by Bryan Peterson in my lap.

Timing is everything. I was finally ready to learn and Bryan's teaching style fit perfectly. Soon after reading his book, I began classes with him and a few months later met him for an on-location workshop in NYC. I left Whole Foods Market and began shooting commercially. It wasn't until I took casual pictures of a friend's new baby girl that I realized children's portraiture was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

My path to photography has always been cyclic and ever evolving. I've learned that timing really is everything and to wait patiently and quietly all the while feeding the small fires that fuel what drives us. I am ever thankful to my clients who fan my creative spark and allow me to record the sweet memories of their life.