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October 19, 2009


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Kenny Kim

Gorgeous! :)

Jen Reilly

Stunning pic! Is this on the bridge by your parent's house? It's always so pretty over there!

Zak Schwank


Meredith Williams

Thanks Kenny and Zak :) Jen, this is the same body of water, The Croton Falls Reservoir, but it's actually over near Putnam Hospital on Drewville Road. They just built a little paved landing dock for boat access, I'm assuming. It's so easy to pull off and park and look. It is so pretty indeed :)

robin cornett

This is gorgeous! It looks like a painting, almost. Beautiful.


Love the dark clouds. Gives it depth.


Wow, that sky ... the trees ... simply stunning!!! Amazing depth!

Simone Gambler

Breathtaking! Is this photo taken by a camera? It does look like a painting. You have impressive skills in photography. The place is so stunning! It's a great place for fishing! =)


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